Introducing Gridbox V3

Today, we’re thrilled to unveil the all-new Gridbox V3. For this release, we would like to home in on the intuitive essence of Gridbox, refining and expanding upon the foundational strengths that make Gridbox a great and a useful tool.

Introducing Visual Designer.

From inline-block to absolute positioning, you have complete control over layout, colors, and typography.

Gridbox Visual Designer automatically assigns classes to elements & you can start designing the site visually without touching the CSS. Yet, you can also modify the CSS Code using the Editor.

Gridbox - Visual HTML Builder for Bootstrap & Foundation

Insert Images on the Fly.

Inserting Images has got easier now. Just double-click on the image element, it will open the gallery and you can either upload or insert the image that you’ve already uploaded. That’s it.

Gridbox Image Gallery


Fonts & Typography.

Use recommended Google Fonts or import any fonts from CDN and adjust everything from letter spacing to line height.

Gridbox Visual HTML Builder for Bootstrap & Foundation


Background Images.

Precisely position background images and adjust background properties effortlessly from the Visual Designer.

Ready to Explore New Gridbox V3

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