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Best Resources to Learn More About JamStack Architecture


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What do you mean by “J-A-M”?

  1. J - Javascript - Any dynamic programming during the request/response cycle is handled by JavaScript, running entirely on the client.
  2. A - API’s - The frontend uses Javascript and APIs to talk to backend services. Be it SaaS, third-party services or custom-built.
  3. M - Markup, A critical piece, whether it’s your hand written HTML or the code that compiles down to the HTML, it's the first part you’re serving to the client

If you’re building a page and serving it with Django or PHP, it’s probably not a JAMstack app. If you host and serve a single HTML file from storage that constructs an app with Javascript, it sounds like a JAMstack app.

  1. What is the JAMstack and how do I get started?
  2. New to JAMstack? Everything You Need to Know to Get Started
  3. Welcome to JamStack
  4. An Open Letter to Matt Mullenweg: What folks often get wrong about Jamstack
  5. 5 Myths about JamStack

Learn Jamstack

  1. JAMstack Tutorial – How to Build Fast, Secure Websites – a Free 4-hour course
  2. How to Build Authenticated Serverless JAMstack Apps with Gatsby and Netlify
  3. Build a JAMStack Blog in No Time with Gridsome
  4. Building an ecommerce site with JamStack-ECommerce

Useful Resources

  1. List of Popular Site Generators
  2. Alternative to Wordpress - List of Headless CMS to create websites in JamStack way

Also, you can make use of Gridbox to build JamStack websites 😉

Kindly check on this link ( and spread the word :)