Collection of Awesome Open Source Javascript Libraries

Collection of Awesome Open Source Javascript Libraries

A collection of awesome browser-side JavaScript libraries, resources and shiny things.

Module or loading system for JavaScript.

  • RequireJS — A file and module loader for JavaScript.
  • browserify — Browser-side require() the node.js way.
  • SeaJS — A Module Loader for the Web.
  • HeadJS — The only script in your HEAD.
  • curl — A small, fast, extensible module loader that handles AMD, CommonJS Modules/1.1, CSS, HTML/text, and legacy scripts.
  • lazyload — Tiny, dependency-free async JavaScript and CSS loader.
  • script.js — Asyncronous JavaScript loader and dependency manager.
  • systemjs — AMD, CJS & ES6 spec-compliant module loader.
  • LodJS — Module loader based on AMD
  • ESL — Module loader browser first, support lazy define and AMD.
  • modulejs — Lightweight JavaScript module system.


  • browserify — Browserify lets you require(‘modules’) in the browser by bundling up all of your dependencies.
  • webpack — Packs CommonJs/AMD modules for the browser.
  • Rollup — Next-generation ES6 module bundler.
  • Brunch — Fast front-end web app build tool with simple declarative config.


  • phantomjs — Scriptable Headless WebKit.
  • slimerjs — A PhantomJS-like tool running Gecko.
  • casperjs — Navigation scripting & testing utility for PhantomJS and SlimerJS.
  • zombie — Insanely fast, full-stack, headless browser testing using node.js.
  • totoro — A simple and stable cross-browser testing tool.
  • karma — Spectacular Test Runner for JavaScript.
  • nightwatch — UI automated testing framework based on node.js and selenium webdriver.
  • intern — A next-generation code testing stack for JavaScript.
  • yolpo — A statement-by-statement javascript interpreter in the browser.

QA Tools

  • prettier — Prettier is an opinionated code formatter.
  • JSHint — JSHint is a tool that helps to detect errors and potential problems in your JavaScript code.
  • jscs — JavaScript Code Style checker.
  • jsfmt — For formatting, searching, and rewriting JavaScript.
  • jsinspect — Detect copy-pasted and structurally similar code.
  • buddy.js — Magic number detection for JavaScript.
  • ESLint — A fully pluggable tool for identifying and reporting on patterns in JavaScript.
  • JSLint — High-standards, strict & opinionated code quality tool, aiming to keep only good parts of the language.

Node-Powered CMS Frameworks

  • KeystoneJS — powerful CMS and web app framework
  • Reaction Commerce — reactive CMS, real-time architecture and design
  • Ghost — simple, powerful publishing platform
  • Apostrophe — CMS with content editing and essential services
  • We.js — framework for real time apps, sites or blogs
  • Hatch.js — CMS platform with social features.
  • TaracotJS — fast and minimalist CMS based on Node.js.
  • Nodizecms — CMS for CoffeeScript lovers
  • Cody — CMS with WSYWYG editor
  • PencilBlue — CMS and blogging platform

Data Visualization

  • d3 — A JavaScript visualization library for HTML and SVG.
  • metrics-graphics — A library optimized for concise, principled data graphics and layouts.
  • pykcharts.js — Well designed d3.js charting without the complexity of d3.js.
  • three.js — JavaScript 3D library.
  • Chart.js — Simple HTML5 Charts using the tag.
  • paper.js — The Swiss Army Knife of Vector Graphics Scripting — Scriptographer ported to JavaScript and the browser, using HTML5 Canvas.
  • fabric.js — Javascript Canvas Library, SVG-to-Canvas (& canvas-to-SVG) Parser.
  • peity — Progressive bar, line and pie charts.
  • raphael — JavaScript Vector Library.
  • echarts — Enterprise Charts.
  • vis — Dynamic, browser-based visualization library.
  • two.js — A renderer agnostic two-dimensional drawing api for the web.
  • g.raphael — Charts for Raphaël.
  • sigma.js — A JavaScript library dedicated to graph drawing.
  • arbor — A graph visualization library using web workers and jQuery.
  • cubism — A D3 plugin for visualizing time series.
  • dc.js — Multi-Dimensional charting built to work natively with crossfilter rendered with d3.js
  • vega — A visualization grammar.
  • processing.js — Processing.js makes your data visualizations work using web standards and without any plug-ins
  • envisionjs — Dynamic HTML5 visualization.
  • rickshaw — JavaScript toolkit for creating interactive real-time graphs.
  • flot — Attractive JavaScript charts for jQuery.
  • morris.js — Pretty time-series line graphs.
  • nvd3 — Build re-usable charts and chart components for d3.js
  • svg.js — A lightweight library for manipulating and animating SVG.
  • heatmap.js — JavaScript Library for HTML5 canvas based heatmaps.
  • jquery.sparkline — A plugin for the jQuery javascript library to generate small sparkline charts directly in the browser.
  • xCharts — A D3-based library for building custom charts and graphs.
  • trianglify — Low poly style background generator with d3.js
  • d3-cloud — Create word clouds in JavaScript.
  • d4 — A friendly reusable charts DSL for D3.
  • dimple.js — Easy charts for business analytics powered by d3
  • chartist-js — Simple responsive charts.
  • epoch — A general purpose real-time charting library.
  • c3 — D3-based reusable chart library.
  • BabylonJS — A framework for building 3D games with HTML 5 and WebGL.
  • recharts — Redefined chart library built with React and D3
  • GraphicsJS — A lightweight JavaScript graphics library with the intuitive API, based on SVG/VML technology.


  • ace — Ace ( Cloud9 Editor).
  • CodeMirror — In-browser code editor.
  • esprima — ECMAScript parsing infrastructure for multipurpose analysis.
  • quill — A cross browser rich text editor with an API.
  • medium-editor — WYSIWYG editor clone.
  • pen — enjoy live editing (+markdown).
  • jquery-notebook — A simple, clean and elegant text editor. Inspired by the awesomeness of Medium.
  • bootstrap-wysiwyg — Tiny bootstrap-compatible WYSIWYG rich text editor.
  • ckeditor-releases — The best web text editor for everyone.
  • editor — A markdown editor. still on development.
  • EpicEditor — An embeddable JavaScript Markdown editor with split fullscreen editing, live previewing, automatic draft saving, offline support, and more.
  • jsoneditor — A web-based tool to view, edit and format JSON.
  • vim.js — JavaScript port of Vim with a persistent ~/.vimrc
  • Squire — HTML5 rich text editor.
  • TinyMCE — The JavaScript Rich Text editor.
  • trix — A rich text editor for everyday writing. By Basecamp.
  • Trumbowyg — A lightweight and amazing WYSIWYG JavaScript editor.
  • Draft.js — A React framework for building text editors.
  • bootstrap-wysihtml5 — Simple, beautiful wysiwyg editor
  • wysihtml5 — Open source rich text editor based on HTML5 and the progressive-enhancement approach.
  • raptor-editor — Raptor, an HTML5 WYSIWYG content editor!
  • popline — Popline is an HTML5 Rich-Text-Editor Toolbar


  • director — A tiny and isomorphic URL router for JavaScript.
  • page.js — Micro client-side router inspired by the Express router (~1200 bytes).
  • pathjs — Simple, lightweight routing for web browsers.
  • crossroads — JavaScript Routes.
  • davis.js — RESTful degradable JavaScript routing using pushState.


  • DOMPurify — A DOM-only, super-fast, uber-tolerant XSS sanitizer for HTML, MathML and SVG.
  • js-xss — Sanitize untrusted HTML (to prevent XSS) with a configuration specified by a Whitelist.
  • xss-filters — Secure XSS Filters by Yahoo


  • RegEx101 — Online regex tester and debugger for JavaScript. Also supports Python, PHP and PCRE.
  • RegExr — HTML/JS based tool for creating, testing, and learning about Regular Expressions.
  • RegExpBuilder — Create regular expressions using chained methods.

Voice Command

  • annyang — A JavaScript library for adding voice commands to your site, using speech recognition.
  • voix.js — A JavaScript library to add voice commands to your sites, apps or games.


  • bottleneck — A powerful rate limiter that makes throttling easy.
  • oauth-signature-js — JavaScript OAuth 1.0a signature generator for node and the browser.
  • amygdala — RESTful HTTP client for JavaScript powered web applications.
  • — A jQuery plugin for easy consumption of RESTful APIs.


  • Tailor — Streaming layout service for front-end microservices, inspired by Facebook’s BigPipe.

Vision Detection

  • tracking.js — A modern approach for Computer Vision on the web.
  • ocrad.js — OCR in Javascript via Emscripten.

Machine Learning

  • ConvNetJS — Deep Learning in Javascript. Train Convolutional Neural Networks (or ordinary ones) in your browser.
  • DN2A — Digital Neural Networks Architecture.
  • Brain.js — Neural networks in JavaScript.
  • Mind.js — A flexible neural network library.
  • Synaptic.js — Architecture-free neural network library for node.js and the browser.

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