Try these 5 PRO Web App Themes —  Based on Bootstrap 4

Try these 5 PRO Web App Themes —  Based on Bootstrap 4

1) Product Hunter

ProductHunter Bootstrap 4 Theme

ProductHunter is a Bootstrap 4 Theme inspired by ProductHunt. Theme has following 6 Pages which you can extend with your own components & design.

  1. Home
  2. Upcoming Products
  3. Makers
  4. Profile
  5. Settings
  6. Add a Product


2) Simple CMS

Simple CMS is a Bootstrap 4 Theme for Managing a blog backend where you can create, edit, delete Blog Posts, Users, Categories, etc…

Simple CMS Bootstrap 4 Theme

Theme has following pages

  1. Home ( Dashboard )
  2. Categories ( With Create Form and Table )
  3. Post ( With Create Form / CK Editor and Table )
  4. Stats ( Used Chartjs for displaying visitors, post views, etc…)
  5. Users ( With Create Form and Table )
  6. Settings Page


3) GB-Admin

GB-Admin is a admin template based on the latest version of Bootstrap. Built on the purpose of building beautiful web applications.

You can use GB-Admin in combination with your favorite coding language or web framework, for example Rails, Django, Symfony, or any other tech stack that you use to render out HTML. It will provide you with a responsive web application layout and UI components so you don’t have to worry about the UI implementation and can focus on your business logic.

GB-Admin – Bootstrap 4 Admin Theme
  1. Dashboard Page
  2. Chartsjs
  3. Blank Page
  4. Forms
  5. Stats Page
  6. Content Page
  7. Login Page
  8. Signup Page
  9. Notification Page


4) Stash Theme

Stash Theme for Bootstrap 4 helps you create content curation website for marketing, authority or just for fun. Theme has following pages

Stash — Bootstrap 4 Theme
  1. Home
  2. Categories
  3. Category Detail
  4. Add a Listing Form
  5. Blog Page


5) Utility Pages for Bootstrap 4

With Utility Pages for Bootstrap 4, you can speed up your workflow and development time with the following pages.

Utility Pages for Bootstrap 4
  1. Login Page
  2. Create An Account
  3. Forgot Password
  4. Maintenance
  5. Email Confirmed
  6. 404


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