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Why we built Gridbox —Simplest Interface Builder for Bootstrap. 🎉


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Say, hello to a whole new way to design prototype for the web. Gridbox combines the speed of drag and drop tool and the beauty of hand-coded HTML and CSS.

We built Gridbox as a tool to help professional front-end developers and designers kickstart their front-end projects faster and spend less time on wireframes and mockups.

Whether you’re working with a client at the beginning stages of a new application, or just need to a build simple web prototype for your project, we want to help.

Drag and Drop Bootstrap/Foundation Components 💚

Drag and drop ready-to-use bootstrap and foundation components. Create your web page in seconds by adding the components you need.

Full-Document HTML Editing

Gridbox allows for full document source editing, allowing you to add external stylesheets, webfonts, scripts, and more.

Preview Modes and Export

While you’re working, you can get real-time preview of your changes or you can toggle on a preview mode with one click to see how things are shaping up. Yet another advantage you’ve with Gridbox is you can also download the entire project as a .zip file.

We’re New & Just Getting Started

We’re a small team of passionate developers working on this exciting tool to make web development better and easier. These are the few features we’ve added in this version but, we will be adding a lot more based on your feedback and suggestions.

If you haven’t tried Gridbox yet, we hope you’ll give it a spin and let us know what you think of it.

Kindly check on this link ( and spread the word :)